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Ready Set Latch Go

Accepting Medicaid and Private Insurance beginning July 1, 2022

As a caring Doula, I provide emotional, educational and physical support during pregnancy, labor and beyond. Whether you’re interested in a birthing class, lactation education or labor support, I am here for you.


About Me

My name is Latisha Michel, also known as Tisha. I am a dedicated wife and mother of 6.


I am a RI Certified Perinatal Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator,  Maternal and Child Health Specialist as well as the Founder of Ready Set Latch Go.



Informative, relaxing Pre-natal visits. The first visit allows you to ask as many questions as you like. We will get to know a bit more about each other. We will discuss what a doula is and how I, as a doula, will support you during your pregnancy, labor, postpartum care, and infant feeding. 


I will provide active listening and evidence-based childbirth education that will leave you well-informed enough to create a infant feeding, postpartum and birth plan that YOU desire.


Whether you decide to lactate or formula feed, I am here for you.

I offer newborn care and lactation education/support.

This support will inform you and your team on different ways to feed and nurture your baby 


Postpartum Support and education continued for you and your team.

As well as navigation to any additional resources warranted based on individual need.


Birth isn't something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in!


Latisha is nothing less than amazing! She supported me during two of my five births. Those children are now 17 and 12 years old.

Dorrae Collins​​

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