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Having a doula during pregnancy and even postpartum is a gift in its self. Tisha helped me throughout my pregnancy with answering my questions, giving advice and support. I could vent or ask questions about the issues I had during anytime of day or night. She would encouraged me with just the right words and comfort especially during those last few weeks that everyone dreads to get through. Tisha was a great help with teaching and giving tips on breastfeeding and different gadgets. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to be  there for them every step of the way or even just a helping hand when wanted.


Dorrae Collins

Latisha is nothing less than amazing! She supported me during two of my five births. Those children are now 17 and 12 years old. She supported me through my labor, birth and postpartum care. She stayed with me the entire duration of my labor and birth. She maintained open communication with my doctors and nurses. Her support during postpartum was extremely helpful as well. Bathing, swaddling, keeping baby while I slept just to name a few.  My comfort, support and voice being heard was very important to her. I will forever be grateful.



Having a doula was really helpful for me being a first time mother. Ms Tisha was a big help through out my whole process, the calls throughout my pregnancy and her just being there walking me through everything. 


If I hadn’t had her by my side I probably would of been a nervous wreck. She talked to me throughout the whole process and made my labor go so smooth.

I can’t thank her enough.



At the beginning stages of my pregnancy, I wasn’t exactly sure what a doula was, what they do, and if it was even necessary. Now that I have gone through this experience I couldn’t imagine not having Ms.Tisha not only as my doula, but as one of my number one supporters before, during , and after the pregnancy.

Having Ms.Tisha there helped with having less negative thoughts and more of a positive impact. I could always count on her for advice, and answers to my questions. Throughout my pregnancy she helped me feel not as overwhelmed. Which benefited in me making better choices for my body, such as exercises and nutrition.

Overall she helped me become more knowledgeable and confident in making my own decisions, such as creating a birth plan and how to speak up for myself. 


Ms.Tisha gave us a great atmosphere in the delivery room. She made sure my birth went as planned. As my labor progressed she stayed close to make sure I was comfortable, offering massages that helped my water break naturally, and breathing techniques. She was also very supportive to my partner and mother with whatever they needed.


Blessed to have the best doula!



Latisha's Doula services were phenomenal all around! She made me feel like I was wonder women through my laboring and breastfeeding journey. I appreciate and respect her so much. As a first time mother it could be very challenging finding someone that understands your birthing plan.

Latisha  educated me in areas I wasn't for sure on, she also made herself available when I was uncertain. She respected all my wishes and my birthing experience.

My family is extremely grateful for the love and support we received from Latisha during our sons arrival and postpartum  as well.




Tisha has been my doula for both my five year old and my ten month old girls and will also be my doula when I give birth this August! Before I became a first time mom with my five year old, I can definitely say there were times I felt stressed: juggling two jobs, applying for my first apartment, ensuring my daughter had everything when it was time to come home; so throughout each pregnancy, Tisha was there with everything!

Keeping her posted with each appointment was important to me, she helped me with a second opinion, any and all questions about my health or the baby, and also her advice. It’s reassuring to hear someone’s personal experience: knowing your not alone and that there are options tailored to your preference! To the first contraction, hours of deep breathing, and getting to the hospital, she always makes me feel comfortable; she is my voice when I’m not sure what to say and a shoulder to cry on. It’s easier to tell her how I feel so she can help me better understand the next step(s).

In the hospital with my second daughter, was a much longer and painful labor: I would not have made it without her! She helped me find a more comfortable approach to getting through a contraction: using a ball, massaging my lower back and keeping me hydrated! Everyone’s experience with birth is very different with some similarities, and when I wanted things a certain way throughout my delivery, she was my voice as I concentrated on breathing through a contraction and I appreciate her forever for those long hours she stayed with me!

I am currently breastfeeding for the first time so I love just going to her with an update or questions and concerns. By now I am used to having a doula, I don’t know what I would do without her, I love her!!! I’m so excited to see what this next delivery will bring us!!!



Watching my son being delivered into this world made me feel anxious but was also a spiritual and heart felt moment. Having a Doula to take on this experience with us definitely made a difference.


Our doula educated me on how to help manage my partners pain and how to comfort her in and out of the delivery room. As my partner went into active labor our doula knew what actions to take and included me in the process showing me techniques to help with  massage, labor ball, suggesting to walk, pressing her hips and lots of affirmations. Our doula taught me how I could be supportive and included me in all ways, especially breastfeeding. 

My personal experience of being a first time dad has been the best. My feelings for my partner are much more deeper. There's no better feeling than to watch her nurse him, take care of him and be the best mom she can be.



Our experience with the doula services was amazing. Through pregnancy, laboring and postpartum Latisha provided the support, guidance and care that we needed during our sons arrival.

Being a military family is extremely hard not having family and friends in our area but with Latisha's help I felt completely comfortable and new that she was there to aid and guide me through my wife's birthing experience.

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