Birth Client Payment Agreement


Fees start at rate of $900

Don't allow finances to get in the way of  your best birthing experience. Sliding scale payment plans can be discussed

Initial Free Consultation


Description:  Up to three prenatal visits throughout your pregnancy. (You decide the location)

Prenatal visits are relaxing, informative and include a massage for stress relief. At these meetings we will discuss your pregnancy and address any questions, concerns, or fears you may have. 

I will also provide relevant information and resources. One of the main things I will assist you with is creating your birth plan. I will explain my role and limitations as a doula as well as how I work with your partner and/or team to support you. Also, we will discuss your postpartum plans for you and your baby (ie. support, feeding, sleeping, etc.).

Service: Labor/Birth

Description:  I am available to be reached 24 hours a day beginning at 37 weeks.

Support during Labor & Birth will include physical in person support throughout labor & birth. When labor begins and you are ready for my support, I will meet you at your home or the hospital. I will remain with you until the baby is born. During labor and birth I use my professional training, knowledge, and experience to assist and advise on physical comfort measures including relaxation, visualization, soothing touch, and positioning. As well as provide continuous emotional support for the entire labor.

I will discuss your concerns with you and encourage you or your partner to speak directly to the care providers regarding your preferences, decisions, and concerns. I will be sure to remind you of your birth plan and support not just you but your your team as well for the entire labor process from beginning to end.

Service: Postpartum


Early Postpartum includes staying with you for 1-2 hours following the birth to continue any support needed and to help with first feeding whether breast or bottle. 

You will receive up to three postpartum visits and unlimited postpartum phone calls for the first four weeks. 

Your first Postpartum Visit will be scheduled within one or two weeks of the birth. I will visit at your  home and offer supports for you and your team along with additional newborn care; such as baby bathing, swaddling, breast feeding support/ bottle feeding techniques, postpartum massage, light housekeeping etc. We will review your birth experience and provide necessary support along with navigation for additional resources if needed. In addition we will discuss your satisfaction with my services as your doula.

Don't allow finances to get in the way of  your best birthing experience. Sliding scale payment plans can be discussed